Welcome to the Conservation Coast®

… and our network of protected areas in the Caribbean of Guatemala !

The Conservation Coast® is the mark of designation of origin for the establishment of Model of Sustainable Territorial Development of the Protected Areas Network of 5 Caribbean Guatemala, in the department of Izabal.

This model of territorial development is a collective effort -government, communities, businesses and conservationists- focused on two (2) working components: the Economic component and the Social component; which together make up the protection of natural resources with initiatives to increase the resilience of local livelihoods, seeking to achieve economic and social sustainability and Guatemalans in the Caribbean region of Guatemala.

Supports the agro-ecological products and enjoy the ecotourism sites network of the Conservation Coast in Izabal, the Green Caribbean of Guatemala !

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Economic Component

Agroforestry Systems

The Foundation for Eco-development and Conservation -FUNDAECO- is establishing 5,000 hectares of agro-ecological products in alliance with Caribbean producers of Guatemala.

Carbon Bonds

Different countries around the world are implementing strategies to reduce greenhouse gases. In Guatemala one of the main causes of this harmful gas is deforestation that’s why we work on the protection of the forest as one of the main solutions to reduce them.

Handcraft of the Forest

FUNDAECO displayed rural development as an integrated process. Among the economic alternatives that we promote are producing handicrafts and textiles.


Tourist destinations of the Coast Conservation seek direct contact with biodiversity in protected areas and community outreach.

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Social Component

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Our Community

Who Can Participate

Be part of sustainable territorial development of Izabal.


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Support protected areas and communities in the region.

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TCC Designation

The use of the TCC trademark for your business.

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