Under the brand The Conservation Coast® we are developing a wide range of commercial intervention strategies based on the development of agroecological products video,ecotourism sites video,production of local handcrafts and Carbon Bonds.

Our four business initiatives:

Agroecological products

The establishment of 5,000 hectares of agro-ecological products – xate of shade, pepper, timber and non-timber forest products among others – in partnership with producers of the Caribbean Guatemala.

Ecotourism sites

Develop a network of ecotourism sites in the Caribbean Guatemala for national and international tourists where you can interact with nature and local communities.


Together with groups of women of the protected Areas of the Caribbean we are establishing a chain of production of hand crafts for the benefit of communities in the region.

Carbon Bonds

FUNDAECO, with the support of the Althelia Climate Fund, is launching a project to prevent deforestation in the Caribbean Guatemala; ¨Avoided Deforestation, Biodiversity Conservation and Community Sustainable Development in the Caribbean Guatemala¨ that will produce Carbon Bonds or VCU´s for a national or international market.

If you like to contact the coordinator of one of this business initiatives please write to

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