Agroforestry Systems

The Foundation for eco-development and conservation – FUNDAECO – is establishing 5,000 has of agroecological products in partnership with producers of the Caribbean Guatemala.

Our agroecological products are obtained from organic farming, using natural methods that conserve and protect the environment; based on standards of production, ensuring the absence of harmful residues in food and the quality of the product.

All products under the designation of origin –The Conservation Coast- support the establishment of a sustainable community development strategy in the network of protected Areas of the Caribbean Guatemala, ensuring technical assistance and the monitoring of production through a strong compliance with environmental regulations throughout the chain of supply of our products.

By purchasing products from the conservation coast video you and your company gain the following benefits:

  • -You will get a product made under international standards in organic and agro-ecological production
  • You support the conservation of nature and biodiversity protection
  • -It increases the environmental awareness of consumers
  • -It supports sustainable development of producing communities
  • -It supports the implementation of productive and environmental practices

If you require a product of the Caribbean region of Guatemala or produce under certain specifications please contact us.

Agroforestry systems are a form of land use where trees with perennial species interact biologically in an area with crops. Their fundamental purpose is to diversify and optimize production following the principle of sustainability.

The main advantages of these systems are:

  • Diversifying production and generating sustainable income to the farmer
  • Increasing levels of soil organic matter and recycle nutrients
  • Promoting carbon fixation and atmospheric nitrogen
  • Optimizing system productivity to follow the concept of sustainable production
  • Promoting ecological connectivity at the landscape scale
  • Supporting the recovery of watersheds
  • Reducing erosion by runoff
  • Supporting recovery of vegetation cover and forest cover restoration
  • Microclimate modification.

Agroforestry systems in the region need better agricultural practices to establish certification processes and facilitate access to markets, as part of the growth strategy of the producers, it will rely on technical assistance and the establishment of new production areas.

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