All the ecotourism sites of The Conservation Coast® video offer a unique experience and destination based in 5 protected areas, environmental interpretation and community participation and access to benefits, while at the same time ensuring the provision of high quality touristic services.

The ecotourism sites of The Conservation Coast® have for you specific activities and authentic experiences in a natural atmosphere rich of biological and cultural diversity. We will boost your visit with all the environmental knowledge that our guides have had developed through years of direct work in the region.

The Conservation Coast® sites are based on direct contact with the biodiversity of 5 protected areas, ensuring that during your visit you will:

  • Support nature conservation and biodiversity protection, as all our entrance fees include an “Ecological Footprint” tariff that will contribute directly to the sustainable management of protected areas.
  • Increase your environmental awareness.
  • Support sustainable community development, as all our products and sites ensure participation, capacity development and alternative incomes for the communities.
  • Support the enforcement of local environmental regulations.

Enjoy the ecotourism sites of the Conservation Coast in the Green Caribbean Guatemala!

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