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FUNDAECO is promoting the designation and registration of sites and products that meet environmental regulations and the best sustainable practices supporting protected areas and the development of local communities, ensuring technical assistance and promotion of products in the national and international markets.

The strategy of designation of sites and products of The Conservation Coast® will give your company the certainty with customers and suppliers that you are directly supporting protected areas and local communities providing you a tool of communication and visibility for your company.

If you want to identify your agro-ecological products or ecotourism sites under the brand name The Conservation Coast you can request the information at; this designation indicates that you are creating products and services with strong commitments to conservation that guarantee the protection of the natural environment.

The Conservation Coast aims to achieve three goals:

  1. Increase investments in the protected areas Of The Conservation Coast
  2. Provide greater diversification of products and places of interest to a wider variety of customers
  3. Make an effective brand differentiation, form other destinations

All products under the designation The Conservation Coast support the establishment of a sustainable territorial development strategy in the network of Protected Areas in the Caribbean Guatemala.

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