TCC Designation

By obtaining the brand designation of The Conservation Coast you will be part of the exclusive network of green entrepreneurs taking part in the establishment of a sustainable territorial development strategy in the network of protected areas in the Caribbean in Guatemala.

Our commitment as green companies is that each product and site designated in the coast of the conservation® must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Provide through mechanisms of financial support the protection and management of the protected area
  • Ensure the direct participation and access to benefits for local communities
  • Support the participation of local communities in the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources
  • Provide proof of compliance with key environmental regulations and best sustainable practices
  • Allow periodic technical assessments

The use of The Conservation Coast® trademark will be exclusive for our partners and its network of sites and designated products! If you want to identify your agro-ecological products or ecotourism site under the brand name The Conservation Coast you can contact us at

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